Pirongia Tree Pruning & Thinning

Our skilled Arborists can assist with all types of Tree Pruning. 

Tree Pruning is a style of tree maintenance that keeps your trees healthy and ensures the safety and enjoyment of your section. If your trees are blocking your view or sun, interfering with other structures in your section or creating a nuisance for your neighbours, it may be time for a prune. With the correct tree pruning techniques, we can ensure your trees look great and flourish while meeting your needs.

Some of the pruning techniques we use: 

  • Formative Pruning – Is the art of removing dead or dangerous branches to stimulate new growth and training the tree to grow in a preferred form.
  • Crown Lifting – Selectively pruning back some of the lower tree branches to ensure the tree stays clear of roofs, walkways, and other structures. 
  • Crown Reduction – This involves selectively pruning the tree to reduce its overall size while keeping its natural form to ensure it fits well in its area. 
  • Fruit Tree Pruning – This style of pruning ensures the health and longevity of your tree by helping to maintain yield and appearance 
  • Service Line Pruning – Tree Pruning to providing clearance from service lines to ensure line functionality and safety
  • Tree Thinning – A style of Tree Pruning that thins out the upper canopy to provide filtered light through the tree and into your property

At Pirongia Tree Services, John and the team are seasoned professionals in diagnosing and helping you decide on a tree pruning method to ensure you get the best result every time.

Contact John today or fill out the form for a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!